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HR was in need of a change

Do you wonder what your company would look like if communication and motivation were tailored to your employees? How about seeing for yourself? Verso is here to help you take your company culture to new heights.

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How is Verso beneficial?

Verso provides all HR professionals with the tools to open up a new universe of possibilities to make their work easier.
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Effective communication

Verso provides new modules to help determine the mood of the company and get relevant feedback. Build healthy internal communication from the top down with Verso.

Employee turnover

How to make sure a skilled employee doesn’t just leave you all
of a sudden?
Thanks to innovative tools, you’ll always know what’s bothering your employees and thus prevent unnecessary losses.

Company culture

Do you want to elevate your company culture? Awaken the team spirit in your company with regular team activities, a motivational evaluation system, and much more.

How to expand Verso

SMS notifications
My bonuses

You will find it all in the motivational platform Můj Up!


The new Up Whistleblowing service will help you sort it out!

Act No. 171/2023 Coll. on the protection of whistleblowers, or Whistleblowing, entered into force on August 1, 2023. Are you Whistleblowing ready?

Reward your employees
and motivate them to perform better

Small things can make a big difference. You don’t have to do more or change everything at once. All it takes is to work smarter. With the new Můj Up tools, you’ll never miss out on your employees’ special days. You can also award them with benefit points and show them that they matter.

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My Employer
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My Feed
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From feature and service packages for both individual employees and teams to
the perfect tools for HR professionals and managers.

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Support your employees’ optimal work-life balance.

Another difficult but very important task that constitutes the bread and butter of HR professionals and managers.
With a sophisticated system consisting of eBenefity, eStravenky, loyalty programmes, and other tools, you’ll be presented with new options to ensure your employees’ happiness.

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Internal Benefits
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and Discounts
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Loyalty Programme

Improve internal communication and build a well-functioning team

Building a well-functioning team is often not easy even for experienced managers.
With the wide range of motivational and communication tools included in the Můj Up platform, it will be a piece of cake.

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Co-Worker Profiles
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Invitations to Lunch
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Ask Your Employer
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Payment Between Co-workers
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My Employer
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Apple Google Pay
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Collect feedback and measure more than just employee satisfaction

How satisfied are your employees? You can measure their satisfaction as well as track it over time. With surveys, a space to ask the employer questions, and other communication and measurement tools, you can easily get insights every HR professional and manager needs.

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Satisfaction Measurement
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Ask Your Employer

All benefits on one card. What
to use it for? Choose for yourself.


What does Verso offer?

Satisfaction measurement

Measuring employee satisfaction has never been easier. Gain insight easily with surveys, a space to ask the employer questions and other measurement tools.

Healthy communication

With Verso, you get a full range of features for effective internal communication. Both
the News and My Feed modules are here to make sure that no one misses any important information.

Increased friendliness

Build a good team with the right tools. Find out interesting information about your co-workers from their profiles, collect badges together and motivate others in a playful way.
Basic featuresVersoLogo
MujUp, an online motivational platform that is a comprehensive tool for managing benefits and other services. It serves as an information medium for employees, where they can learn about everything that is happening in the company, their benefits and other HR activities. Web interfacehardYes
A mobile version of the MujUp app which allows to have all your benefits and other HR services from your employer at hand. Mobile applicationshardYes
Here you will find interesting information about benefits for your employees, motivation and current trends in HR. Tips and news will help you make the most of the HR world. Tips and newshardYes
An information channel that allows you to provide employees with news and other key information via SMS. SMS notificationsbx check circle.svg 1
An effective and easy solution to the Whistleblower Protection Act. The Whistleblowing module takes care of the entire investigation for you, including keeping an eye on statutory deadlines. Whistleblowingbx check circle.svg 1
A modern payment card that includes 2 separate wallets. eStravenka to pay for meals and eBenefits to pay for leisure benefits. You can pay via the payment terminal as well as online. The card can be uploaded to a mobile phone and thus supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. All Inclusive cardhardYes
A service that offers attractive discounts on a variety of products and services from our partners. A selection of more than 500 coupons can be found on the MujUp website and in the mobile app. Coupon discountshardYes
A popular cashback program that allows you to get a portion of the value back for purchases made at hundreds of e-shops. We provide this service in cooperation with our partner Plna Penezenka. Up Plná Peněženka cashbackhardYes
This service allows you to use other additional benefits that your employer may offer. These often include language courses at the workplace, parking spaces, company fitness, etc. Internal benefitshardYes
An overview of all of the most important information and regular encouragement to engage in activities that boost motivation and commitment. My FeedhardYes
A personal information that colleagues should know about one another. It helps to connect employees through their interests. Employee profileshardYes
Search not only by name, but also by interests. Of course there is also the possibility to chat or an invitation to lunch or coffee. Find a Co-WorkerhardYes
A game element for the whole team that will help strengthen collegiality. Badges are earned for selected activities at one or more levels. It also contains a clear ranking of who ranks in badge collecting. BadgeshardYes
Good relationships in the workplace are important and where else to cultivate them than over good food. This feature promotes collegiality and team spirit. Invitations to LunchhardYes
Praise and recognition of good work are often overlooked. Appreciation is very important for the overall motivation and satisfaction of employees. ComplimentshardYes
It's not just about sustainability and selling old stuff, as it may seem. Thanks to Bazaar you can meet colleagues who you wouldn't have met otherwise and you can get to know each other. BazaarhardYes
Promoting good relations and collegiality. Thanks to this feature, no colleague will be left without a birthday cake. BirthdayshardYes
An effective tool for communicating important internal information from employer to employees. It can also be used for building a friendly atmosphere. Company NewshardYes
A safe space for individual communication from employees to the employer. Important information can be made available to other employees. Ask Your EmployerhardYes
It is used to obtain information and opinions from employees on a given topic. A suitable complement to the "Satisfaction measurement" module. SurveyshardYes
A key module for determining the level of employee satisfaction and the atmosphere in the company. A regular short questionnaire on key questions provides easy-to-read results. Satisfaction Measurementbx check circle.svg 1

Create a healthy company culture with Můj Up

Verso provides all HR professionals with the tools to open up a new universe of possibilities to make their work easier.