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Do you have a healthy company culture?

We spend half of our day at the office, it is important to stay positive and motivated
When was the last time you unconditionally complimented a colleague?
With the Praise feature, you can brighten your colleague’s day by thanking them for their great work.
Do you reward your colleagues for a good job?
Everyone loves presents! Support the people around you with the right benefits.
Do you have an overview of the communications and mood of your team?
Find out what the situation is thanks to the communication modules in the app.
Do you know the interests and hobbies of your colleagues?
Explore interests of your colleagues through Marketplace. You will possibly make make new friends based on similiar hobbies.
Do you know what your co-workers really want and what they dream of?
The prospect of a well-deserved reward is demonstrably motivating for employees. We can help you select and set up meaningful rewards for your employees. We’re here for you.
Are your colleagues interested in what you do?
Get to know each other better, for example, over a business lunch. Be a real team.
Have any talented
left your team
with the words “I want to grow”?
Encourage long-term performance and motivate your employees. Satisfied people work better and are more committed.
Do you involve your team regarding the direction of your company?
The ability to ask questions and be heard by your employer is a good sign of a healthy working relationship.
Do you know what motivates your colleagues?
Don’t be afraid to ask. Use the polling feature in the Můj Up app.

17% greater productivity

from more dedicated employees

Up to 65% of employees

are not dedicated to their work

21% higher profit

gained by motivating and involvement of your employees

51% higher chance

that your talented colleague will stick with you
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How to improve company culture

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